Employee Research

Employee Research

From our experience most organisations have numerous employee key performance indicators, which are useful tools to identify core employee areas such as; culture, engagement and advocacy. At Shine we work to gain as much data and facts about our clients firms in critical success areas. Once we have strong information around employee behaviour we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to uncover the causes of current behaviours. Our role is to successfully identify causes and provide advise on solutions to shift behaviour to a more optimal output area.

For example employees which have a strong sense of belonging arising from recognition of work results can be encouraged to move from supporters of the firm to strong ambassadors. These individuals will speak positively about the firm which in turn can lead to the attraction of more opportunities and talent. These benefits can be measured and reflected on the bottom line. Our business is helping identify these performance potentials and designing systems to achieve them.

Employee Research Process

We recommend a one month timeframe to complete employee research. This allows us to gain as much data as possible, an understanding of the clients circumstances and time to reflect on findings to guide future possibilities. We also put importance on fresh and current findings as cutting edge insights allow trends to be identified early, that encourage beneficial outcomes. Regularly we operate an 8 stage Employee Research Process, which is illustrated below, however bespoke client circumstances sometimes requires slight deviation from these stages.