Customer Research

Customer Research

Understanding customer behaviour allows firms to react to current and future demands in a controlled manner, resulting in industry leading positions. There are many key performance indicators that we identify for our clients, such as; Satisfaction Index, Net Promoter Score and Engagement. We also utilise data gathering techniques that positively impact customers as opposed to interrupting potential sales.

Past clients have made substantial financial returns through identifying under performing customer service and implementing training solutions to local staff that has resulted in dramatic up turns in customer satisfaction and ultimately sales. Prior to customer research the client had been reactionary and resolving client complaints through compensations and future incentives, this new approached prevented the cause of dissatisfaction and lead to financial gains.

Survey Process

We recommend one month to complete customer research, as this allows us to interact with a cross section of customers.  This will allow a representative picture and remove the chance of data bias. We utilise an 8 stage process for gathering and delivering customer findings and this is highlighted below.